"5 vor 2012"


The „year 2012 project“ of the r.evolution of mind announces "5 vor 2012" (german, might be translated as "the 2011th hour" ;-).
It's a new campaign which tries to monitor and reflect the significant happenings indicating a global change in mankinds consciousness, behavior or environment.

Even if we are living in the 2012 era and 12-21-2012 is not a deadline but more a marker, as you could read in the declaration below, this campaign runs for the next 440 days until 12-23-2012.

The official hashtag is #5vor2012


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"year 2012 project"


What will finally happen on 12-21-2012, besides the common winter solstice? Why do a lot of people start to panic and why do the others reflect with rosy expectations and shiny eyes to a new era?

On this day, according to the readings of some scientists, the cycle of the 13th B'ak'tun, a great epoch in the calendar of the mesoamerican Maya culture will end. The fact is that this will happen during a special astronomic constellation, in which our sun rises in conjunction to the "equator" of the Milky Way. Inferential, the mayan star-gazers pre-estimated this date with an astonishing accuracy and have chosen it as a important point of calculation for their calendar system.

Reportedly this great cycle is also a part of the Maya myth about the genesis. In the end of genesis the earth will return to the womb of the universe. This is the cause of a lot of speculations and tons of theories about the signs, happenings and prophecies of this special date.

Extensive information and interpretations from different points of view can be found in the widths of the world wide web. We don't want to give a statement or a valuation to the different points of view. Its an individual choice what kind of theories you believe in and which ones are reflections of our individual way of thinking and attitudes.

Numerously documentations and books have appeared in different languages about this topic. We don't want to give a valuation to them either. Except the great work "The 2012 Story", written by independent researcher John Major Jenkins who is among the most authoritative voices of the 2012 movement, should be warmly recommended to you. The subtitle of this book "The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History" shortly describes the large spectrum which is covered in there. It's the clinical view on "2012ology".


A historical event comes closer and closer and drags more and more people into the spell.
The 12-21-2012 has already become a force of attraction we should not underestimate. Due to different media and art, the topic receives an increasing attention from the public.The hype is already in progress.

Not just internet communities and mystics picked up the topic. Also Hollywood have a great share in the hype by putting it into an apocalypse plot. So Roland Emmerichs movie was in cinemas in 2009, which rocked the boat, and probably Michael Bay's project is still stuck in the plan.

We have a lot of examples about the results of this hype. The whole entertainment industry, fashion, clothing and fast food branches already attended. Surely this topic will reach a high explosiveness in public.

As soon as a 2012-burger is available in fast food restaurants, we can be sure, the world is caught by this disease.

r.eom has only the intention of a wise clarification.

We just want to use the 12-21-2012 as a helpful bridge for our imagination to give a base to the opening of a collective point of view.

This opening begins individually for everybody and it is independent from dogmata and commitments. Everybody has to choose by themselves how to think and work with it and how wise it seems to them.

With this article we want to make this topic public. The becoming communication and circulation is a catalyst with which the critical mass will be overrun to offer the humans to gain collectively a new maturity.

Sadly, a lot of people fear the change and searching for things they can project their fear on. An example for this is the argue in 2008 about the experiments with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the swiss CERN institute ("Will it create a black hole which swallows the earth?"). Also climate change, financial crisis and swineflu are queueing seamlessly to the things we project our fear on.

But this is unnecessary because the evolution of science history in the last centuries shows us that the massive changes are not based on analytic approaches and experiments or valuations of the results. They are actually based on accidents and unexpected sudden inspirations which had a smoothed way because of exploratory spirit and open minded mentality.

There is a long queue of public accepted scientists like Christopher Columbus, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and other discoverers we can use as an example. If they hadn't waged off the beaten track and opened their way of thinking, albeit the adverse conditions and fears of their respective times, we wouldn't have important consolidated findings.

¡Do not be afraid!

The new maturity means nothing but the awareness that you can't loose every holdings or the life self. Because the integrity of the soul and the consciousness are invulnerable. This integrity brings all the necessary things for the transformation - we actually have them already. So the principle is: "Trust In Yourself!"

Within this in commonly reached maturity, which we assume all people to have, mankind can leap into the new challenges of the coming ages and therefore come to a great value fulfillment.

We will be able to improve social structures, balance the relationship between people, society, government and economy, treat the sources of our lives reasonably and understand each other emotionally without egoistic or mental conflicts. All the exaggerated self-made or real problems will be solved empathetically and sustainably.

Because who trusts in himself and listens to his intuitions can overcome suppressing factors easily, dare experiments and make good decisions spontaneously. So we gain personally and as a whole the best possible form of freedom – with your feet on the ground and your head up in the sky.


More and more people face the knowledge, that the upcoming challenges and the confusion of our time won't be solvable with well-known methods and structures. Alternative models are already appearing everywhere and are discussed on an enlarging basis.

Whoever feels an emotional change in the worlds texture or who can identify with alternative ideas, be they social-political, economical or spiritual, is a prove for the presence of a change in consciousness and paradigms himself.

Dominating structures and systems face their failures and the consequences. The way how people treat each other and their environment is changing. Perspective often changes from the outside to the inside ("insight"). We should recognize that as a sign for us to act and to gather to the existing movement.

Under the device „trust in yourself!“ it is possible for absolutely everybody to act self-determined and to contribute to the tribe of the new Verve.

Sure not the differences, truths and philosophical conflicts are on focus. We'll concentrate on things we have in common and respect individualities, peer in ourselves and recognize the others within.

A network unfolds with its origin in everybody, connecting to others to finally become a complete mashup. When you bring your ideas forth, they can get through to any mind in the world spreading over this network.

The aim is to overcome the existing system and to create alternatives before it overcomes itself and collapses over us, if not painful then at least with a crash.

No new party or organization can offer a solution, only the movement itself can do so. An open mind and a keen eye helps us to recognize the old stiff structures and to unfold existing, new, dynamic possibilities.

So the „year 2012 project“ won't be over after 2012, but it will continue helping everyone and everything to perform as good as possible.

¡Act now!

The „year 2012 project“ is an campaign in terms of the r.evolution of mind. Therefore everybody should feel invited to join our project consciously, bring their talents into it and take it to the next level.

We are not an organization or association. We give birth to this project by our own resources. We do not ask for donations!

If you'd like to support this project, trust in yourself, realize your ideational goals, bring in your own content and become part of the movement. Don’t donate – participate!

According to the „requirements of mind“ of the r.eom, there are no limits. Every modification, propagation and implementation is allowed.

This is the only way, how the spirit of the "2012 movement" can unfold, dreaming mankind into a collective change and into a new and satisfying age.

¿aRe wE dreaMing?

Hilbert von Sturzbach und Patrick D'Steccanella 2009
Translation by Arcadius Coxx 2009

Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
(c) r.eom 2009f