r.evoltuion of mind
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r.evolution of mind

The „revolution of mind“ has been demanded and called out through all ages and cultures. It has always been about a rethink and a makeover of ideas, values and theories characterising a system.

During the last days a feeling has been coming up on me, you can say that it really imposed on me and made me even „suffer“ it. This feeling manifests as a very urgent request:

At long last the time to do something has come!

There are countless proverbial stumbling blocks. With watching the world, the society, the system and at last the own mind, more and more contradictions come to light, or as you can say fittingly: They dawn upon you. Because of this conditions discontent spreads and makes you ask the question:

What to do?

None of the seemingly relevant things like capitalism, consumption and addiction, the information-society based on electronics, or any movement resting upon the precept of „higher, faster, further“, gives some kind of permanent, pure and substantial satisfaction. But it is exactly this kind of „satisfaction“ many of us are looking for.

Detailed answers to the question what to do exist, but all responses and „ways“ have one thing in common:

They want to change.

Too frequently change is equated with contradiction, discord and isolation. Anyway, to change something political parties, organizations, being in favour or against something, are founded. They issue manifestos, lay down rules and collect donations.

I affirm:
To „do something“ or rather „change something“ there is no use of differentiation or dissociation. As well neither funding nor regimentation is required.

As human beings we are – and this is what connects us all inextricably – in the happy position of being provided with everything necessary to „change“ or „do“ something: We have a body, our mind and the world we live in.

Thereby it doesn`t matter if one has grown out of the other, or if it is the other way round, or even if everything is the same. If we have a feeling, that we must reach or get to something, if we have to express something or change a condition, there is only one thing remaining:

We have to act!

Not until acting consciously we have the chance to dispute with the world. Every unconscious act or even „no act“ gives us the impression, the world treats us however she wants to. But with the conscious act we enter into interaction with the world, you might even say:

We enter into a creative dialogue with the world!

My sense tells me, that I have to live this creative dialogue to realise the so much desiderated satisfaction. In the process, the r.evolution of mind should bring people together and harmonise. And everybody who is as well longing for this personal and enclosing satisfaction is invited to test, practice and live his creative dialogue under our flag.

I´m convinced that a loose alliance without obligations and expectances where you just exchange, inspire and consequently help others along, can be of value and interesting for everybody involved.

Therefore r.evolution of mind is no „group“ in the usual sense of „need for being different“. We refine ourselves, we are interested in the development of our constructive potential. We want to get to know ourselves and the world. We want to keep an eye on the world and know about how she works. We want to get over our adherences. We want to arrive.

For this purpose we only need the creative dialogue in the conscious act. We don`t need borders, definitions or rules, because the conscious act regulates itself through its immanent and natural self-reliance.

We have to confess, that we personally bear responsibility for all of our thinking, acting and the consequences resulting from. That way, the framework for our action develops really natural for and in everybody of us.

Guided by this thought, confidence in our own reality comes up. The realization becomes a joy-filled game of ease and not, as you might expect, a grave millstone of responsibility. Out of it grows a great awareness of life, which can`t be created through substances or put up in any other way. Thus we are able to gently break away from illusions and self-conceit, to be real and to act substantial.

In the r.evolution of mind will be no membership, no constitution and no prescribed feeling of togetherness. The condition for cooperation is to maintain the creative dialogue among us and with the world.

And if I had to choose a hymn, although we don`t need one, for the organisation, that we are not, then it would be for sure „Krieger“ („Warrior“) by Thomas D. This song spreads its message unvarnishedly into the world, touches the inside and unites us – those that belong nowhere:

„…und ihr seht Krieger überall und alle sind Dir bekannt,
jedes Gesicht jede Geschichte ist mit Dir verwandt,
sie kämpfen für das Leben, Krieger sind deswegen hier,
leben für den Traum und alle sind ein Teil von Dir
und geben Dir ein Gefühl, wie ein Schild, Du hast es lange vermisst,
dass so lange Du kämpfst, Du nicht alleine bist,
tritt in den Kreis und mach wahr was Du weißt,
und die Erkenntnis bringt die Kraft, mit der Du Dich befreist,
und dabei frei von Angst, ganz gelöst, erlöst was in Dir döst,
denn dann wachst Du auf und Dein Traum geht weiter,
weil Dein Zauber wirkt…"

Hilbert von Sturzbach and ToM Manegold 08/2006
translated by Dani as an act of r.eom


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